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 Christian Jewelry - Esther's Crown / The Prayer Box 


Esther's Crown

"Arise up, Oh women of Esther. Come to your Kind and fulfill your destiny.  His Scepter of favor will grant you strength and victory in this your appointed hour"!  Commission given by Diana Hagee to the women of God class at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas.

This unique crown signifies your worth in the eyes of God your Father.  The crown, symbolizes royalty, which every woman of God becomes when she decides to serve the King of kings.  The cross symbolizes God's love for the world by giving his only begotten Son.  The fish symbolizes our faith and is a remembrance of the Great Commission to win the lost to Christ.  The Star of David reminds us of our Jewish roots.  All together we are reminded that our Lord has chosen us, as woman, for such a time as this.

The Prayer Box

To be a woman like Esther requires some understanding of who Esther was.  Esther was a Jewish girl whose name in Hebrew means "myrtle."  Myrtle is a very common shrub all over Palestine.  It is a low bush, but under favorable conditions of moisture it attains considerable height.  The myrtle plant has  dark scented leaves and bears delicate starry white flowers and berries which can be eaten.  The white starry flowers the myrtle bears seem symbolic of the Persian meaning of Esther, which is "star."  Esther was a common Jewish girl who loved the lord crowned and raised up to shine as a queen.  She was then willing to pour out her life to save her people, the Jews.

As a woman of Esther, we too must allow the Lord to water us and raise us up in the strength and inner beauty He has prepared for us.  We must reach out to His scepter which will open the way for our destiny.  Our destiny will bear fruit that will feed those the Lord brings into our lives.  We will have grace to bear the cross to which we are called.

Anita designed this prayer box to symbolize who the women of Esther are.  The sides of The Prayer Box have myrtle, the Hebrew letters of Esther's name, the crown, and the cross.  The top of the box can be removed to insert a prayer or a blessing.  These symbols remind us that we begin our walk rather weak and lowly, but the Lord gives us a new name and crowns us as His priesthood.  He opens up destiny to us and empowers us with grace to fulfill our calling.

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    20" heavy box chain
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